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Five Reasons Successful Start-ups Choose a Virtual Office


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Anyone who has built a business from scratch knows just how difficult a task it is. There are obstacles you’d never dream you’d have to hurdle and setbacks aplenty. But entrepreneurs are, on the whole, a pretty savvy bunch, ready to capitalise on opportunities that give them that much sought-after competitive edge.

One such opportunity – especially for start-ups with limited funding – is a Virtual Office, which may hold the key (quite literally) to early success.

Think of it this way: if your business has humble beginnings in the spare bedroom, it’s going to be a long – and we mean long –  time before you’re renting a prestigious office space. A virtual office is, to be frank, a bit of a business hack – the fast track to an iconic address and phone number. There’s a lot more to it than that though, so let’s run through the five key reasons successful start-ups choose to use one.

A Trustworthy Address

In the early stages of running a business, building trust with potential customers is imperative. If you’re receiving calls on a personal mobile and directing mail to a three-bedroom house, it doesn’t look great. In fact, it looks amateurish, and you’d be better off hosting an advert on your website that says ‘DON’T TRUST US’.

At the Clyde Offices, we provide a top-class address for our clients – right in the heart of the capital.

Minimal Overheads

As an adult reading a blog about business, you already know what it costs to keep the lights on in this country. With a virtual office, however, overheads are cut to an absolute minimum, so you can use your hard-earned capital for things that really matter – like marketing your fantastic products and services. Paying for your own brick-and-mortar office, particularly in your business’s early days, isn’t a realistic option. But forking out the cost of a mobile phone bill? That’s less problematic.

A Personal Assistant

Okay, no entrepreneur hires a full-time PA when they’re just starting out – that would be absurd. One of the benefits of a virtual office, though, is having someone who will take care of your calls – especially when your hectic schedule transitions from ‘being busy is great!’ to ‘I’m so scared and alone’. More about Registered Office

At the Clyde Offices, we provide a great service where skilled receptionists will take a message on your behalf or forward the call to you or a team member. Simple.

Professional Meeting Spaces

Did you know that you don’t need your own office space to access excellent meeting rooms? Sure, meeting a client in a local coffee shop is okay from time to time – but that really isn’t a long-term fix. And again, it looks a little… amateur.

Any virtual office worth its salt – like the Clyde Offices – will have a range of ideally located Meeting Rooms for you to use. Not only do these provide great value for money, they’re also ideal for helping you make a first-class impression.

Attracting Talent

As the classic nine-to-five job becomes obsolete, more workers are seeking opportunities that give them the best work-life balance. This means that companies using virtual offices have a huge advantage when hiring – and may even be able to pay employees slightly less than their brick-and-mortar competitors. Working from home is, after all, a dream come true for a large chunk of the British population, who are tired of commuting to work on congested roads. Opt for a virtual office, and you’ll be part of the revolution.




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