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How got its 먹튀사이트 name…


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Yours truly has been a gambler ever since I was introduced to horse racing and lotteries in Hong Kong, and the lure of the casinos in nearby Macau. So when I went off to the University of Southern California, quite often I found myself at one of the local racetracks or the card clubs in Gardena. Not to mention frequent junkets to Vegas.

John, one of my neighbors in the dorm, was also a gambler, and frequently we went to Vegas together. Which reminds me – you still owe me a car, John (it broke down on him as he was coming back from a solo trip to Vegas). John was a real crazy gambler – the very first trip we took to Vegas we went to the now defunct Vegas World, which has been replaced by the Stratosphere. Anyhow, we had a major win streak one day where the dealer just kept on busting at blackjack. I was conservative, pulling in like $50 a pop, but John kept shoving his entire pile in front of him onto the spot, save for a couple of chips which didn’t seem to fit anyhow. I swear he made more than $1000 in 10 minutes from his initial $5 investment.


One day John introduced me to a friend named Danny, who was probably the Worldwide Wrestling Federation’s number one fan at that time – and he was a gambler. His father owned a stable of horses – goes to show you how important your influence on your children in their early years is.


Anyhow, Danny owned a car – wish I could remember the model, I think it was a Dodge Daytona or something like that – and it was one of those newfangled cars with digital dashboards. But the most striking thing about this car was its license plate – GOT2BET. When I first saw that I thought it was the most fitting license plate he could have – he would gamble on the flip of a coin – and when we made one of our frequent trips to Los Alamitos to watch the harness horses (I had a Pick 6 system that won 4 out of 5 times we played it), people would be staring at us as we got out of the car, thinking we were a bunch of nuts. It didn’t help matters any that I was carrying a whole sheaf of computer paper printouts from the university labs which contained data only I understood.


Danny would have fun betting his own thing, trying to beat my computer data (he never did), but he never failed to take a 먹튀사이트 stake in my Pick-6 selections. So we always went home winners.


It’s 17 years later and I haven’t seen Danny since – perhaps he’s a WWF groupie now – or else he owns a casino or a racetrack. If you’re still out there, Danny, this site is dedicated to you and your car and Los Alamitos 🙂


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