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Sam Trickett Wins dang nhap w88 Poker Tour


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Team Titan’s Sam Trickett won the 2011 dang nhap w88 Tour Main Event tournament (€8,500 NLH) in Cannes and took home the first prize of €1,000,000.

The prestigious tournament began in September with 579 players but the final table was delayed for two months to build up suspense in the manner of the World Series of Poker. Sam Trickett proved his huge talent once again and the whole poker community agrees that  he is currently one of the best tournament players in the world.

Hungarian Player Finishes 23rd in Irish Winter Festival

A total of 395 players took their seats at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, to compete in the Irish Winter Festival tournament. Among the participants were twelve players who had qualified at Titan Poker. Some of them had previous land-based tournament experience, while others were seeing the real poker action for the very first time.

Titan Poker’s delegation included:

Dorlan Schick (Canada): finished 8th at the €1,500 No Limit Hold’em – 2010Irish Winter Festival.

Jan Bjoersland (Norway): former Team Titan member.

Lorna Lancaster (Canada): finished 12th at the 2011 Irish Open for a prize of €19,400.

Lars Bollhagen (Germany): cashed recently at the 2011 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour in Luton.

Owen Shiels (UK)

Dennis McCartney (Belgium / USA)

Mario Keimer (Germany)

Jack Connolly (UK)

Lautaro Mayon (Argentina)

Daniele Vagni (Italy)

Jozsef Vass (Hungary)

Ian Pumphrey (Canada)

Six of the players succeeded in advancing to Day 2 of the tournament, with Dorlan Schick leading the delegation with a stack of 43.4K. At the start of Day 2, 121 players remained with the average chip stack being 49,000.

Jozsef Vass doubled up to 40K on the very first hand of the day, when his pocket sevens saw two more of the same in the community cards. Jack Connolly was not so lucky when his pocket eights were defeated by a pair of kings. Dorlan Schick was eliminated in 99th position twenty minutes before the end of Level 12.

At the start of Level 13, McCartney was kicked out when his sixes were defeated by a pair of jacks. Next to go was Shiels. Meanwhile, Vagni built a comfortable stack, but he busted at the beginning of Level 15, when his tens fell to aces.

The only Titan Poker player who managed to reach the money stage of the tournament was Hungarian Jozsef Vass. He had a stack of 103K when the 41st player was eliminated, ensuring that he would cash. His stack went up and down but he reached the final 27 players and was moved to the feature table.

On his final hand, Vass held A4 against an opponent’s K8. A king fell on the flop, an eight on the turn, and another eight on the river, completing the opponent’s full house.

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