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Slims blog really stirred something inside me, I have been playing this nasty game now for 3 years+ and 2 years+ on the net. I never really cared about money over that period because I have a great paying job I live in a great place and am possibly the most passive person when it comes to money.

Since I have been home from my AC disaster. I have played sparingly on the Net and made back all I lost over in AC. I have played nearly flawless poker over the last couple of days. My game selection has been less than perfect but I have made some of the best adjustments mid game that I have ever possibly done.

Yesterday I sat down at an open 2-4 game looking to play heads up or 3 handed and the player who sat brought 40$, he also brought a style I have yet to see. Full-blown maniacisim. Although that isnt even a word it describes him to a perfectly. Bet and cap every time before the flop and he would lead at all flops, I started passive waiting to trap with big hands, shit I find myself down 25$ ok I will check call him with pairs and raise with big draws fuck I am down 75$ now. Ok I know I will tilt and cap everything with him that will show him!!! Crap down 150$ how the hell can I beat this guy??? Then I have the epiphany I needed. I picked up a tell in his betting. Using this betting tell I was able to extract max bets on my Hands that hit the flop and I knew would hold baring miracles and I was able to loose the minimum when he had a big hand. In about 25 hands my 150$ downswing was a 25$ profit and he bailed the game on me.

I played yesterday and finished up another 100$ or so.

Slims blog has provoked some deep thought on my part. I did some simple math and figured I can play 5hr a day 7 days a week thats 35hr/wk you can make it to 10K by just winning 5$/hr thats just 2.5BB in a 1-2 game or 1.5BB in 2-4 game. Or you need to win 1 10$ SNG. I know there is variance but 5$ and hour at 2-4$ is childsplay. I think that I could attain 10K by the summer. I will be starting this challenge with slim I will start higher with 1K around, I will do the same jala slot 428 and Proping with DBI and SLIM so watch out. I have been talking to Schack and trying to get him to do it too so maybe we will have a new blogger.


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