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One of the best entries into the growing field of online casinos is Casino Tropez. There are a number of compelling features to this casino and right from their home page it’s clear that they mean business. The casino is powered by top-notch Playtech software, offering up enough eye-popping graphics and realistic casino sounds to make your home gaming experience as close as possible to the real thing.


The free software download is fast, packaging together a dozen of the most popular casino favorites, and signing up is a breeze. Their website proclaims an immediate bonus to PayPal users of 10% on initial deposits, any also displays Visa and Mastercard as payment options. Of special note was the listing of their auditted payouts: you can click to a page on their site that lists the current over payout percentages of each of their games. Casino Tropez uses a third-party auditor, BDO, to track and ensure fairness in their games. The casino itself is licensed for operations by the Gaming Commission of the government of Antigua and Barbuda.


Another feature that I really appreciated is the unique in-game history and financial history. As you play at Casino Tropez your every move is documented so you can review your play and betting as you go – this keeps you constantly up-to-date and makes it easier to keep homemade records of your play, for those like me who are inclined to watchfulness as I play online. Thumbs up for that!


I also appreciated being able to test drive the chat-enabled multiplayer poker – love those speech bubbles! For all you craps enthusiasts out there, finally a casino that rolls fast by default (although you can set the speed and sound options very easily during play). On the whole I found that gameplay at Tropez was excellent. Don’t miss this casino, it’s a winner!


Club Dice Casino


Casinos with good looking sites always make a good first impression, and Club Dice Casino is no exception. Neither too garish nor cluttered, Club Dice immediately struck me as a casino with class. Their home page lists some of the main features of their casino, and I was impressed at seeing not only a multiplayer mode but a private group IDNPLAY table option as well.


The Playtech software package was a reasonably-sized 5.2 Mb, not the smallest download out there but closer to that end of the scale. Part of this is surely due to the fact that you don’t get quite so many games as other casinos – in fact, there were only 6 in total, compared to the dozens available from other casinos. These where: Blackjack, Roulette,

Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker, and a Slot Machine. But for those of you who stick mainly to the traditional favorites, they’ve got you covered. As a player mainly of Blackjack and Video Poker (with the occassional spin of the Roulette wheel for kicks), I don’t miss having 17 flavours of progressive

slots wasting space on my hard drive.


And for the short time it took to download, I got some pretty cool casino games! Club Dice Casino is smooth, very smooth. Like their website, the graphics are clean and favor professional taste over gaudiness. The sounds were also well done, not over the top, but just enough to add flavor to the

mix. If you wish you can turn of the music or dealer voices if you find them not to your liking.


Odds-wise I couldn’t complain; while I didn’t gamble enough to make a mathematical statement, I did come out ahead 4 out of five playing sessions, and had a lot of fun. Deposits and cashouts were simple with the IPS system and a complete transaction record is available.


Comps are automatic, for every quarter you get you earn a point. Every 4000 points you accumulate, you earn $1 free in your bankroll, so for each $1,000 you wager, you receive $1 back. Naturally this is in addition to their startup bonus: $50 free if you deposit between $50 and $250, deposit more than that and you’ll receive 20%.


Overall it’s really easy to like Club Dice. I got exactly what a was looking for plus some added touches. If you honestly need 30 slot machines in your life, different software is for you, but if you want good action and a

completely user-friendly experience playing your favorite table games, take a roll with Club Dice.






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