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The Latest in Professional Greyhound Handicapping Slot Online Software from SJM Software


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Greyhound Handicapping Software


DogZ is the latest professional, accurate, and easy to use Greyhound racing handicapping software that will pick the winning dogs better than most tip sheets. Some of DogZ features are


Simple Operation

Fast & Accurate Calculations

Import Race Data free from the Internet

Manual Data Entry from your Race Program

Runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000

User Trainable Internet Import

The most Economical Handicapping software available


DogZ is the best high quality handicapping software available. DogZ is available online and is being offered at a low Introductory Price. To get more infomation on this new product visit the DogZ web site at




SED, Inc.’s 3GX, 3rd Generation game technology, in various game configurations, unveiled at NIGA Show


The formal introduction of SED,Inc.’s 3GX, 3rd Generation agen slot online  game technology, at the recent NIA Show in San Diego, California marks the beginning of what SED,Inc. refers to as the “New Reel Revolution.”


According to SED, Inc., 3GX delivers it all. Touch screen operation. Great graphics. Flexible configuration options. SAS 5.02. GLI approval. MICS compliant. Hoppers. Printers.


Add SED,Inc.’s trademark (3)Level Progressive Jackpot to such popular 3GX games as Back2Back Keno, Penny Lane, Black Gold, Dreamweaver, and Fruity Reels, for stand-alone or linked play, and

players and operators alike feel the excitement.


To bring the fun of 3GX, with its numerous interactive and animated bonusing features, into the casino, contact SED,Inc. at (800) 362-1187.


SED,Inc. We have the key to your success. . .


First Mega Millions Winner!


Baltimore man is the successful winner of the Mega Millions domain name. “Mega Millions” is the new name for the “Big Game” multi-state lottery. Man has domain for auction.


Baltimore man claims he is already a winner of the Mega Millions lottery before it even starts. On Wednesday, May 15, 2002, the multi-state lottery known as the “Big Game” will become the “Mega Millions” game.


In what was “obviously a stroke of good luck”, Steve Long won the right to register the domain name In the most recent round of domain name registrations, he managed to be first in line to request the name. Mr. Long claims that it is worth a lot of money. Although lottery officials estimate ticket sales of the Mega Millions game will push the average jackpot to $80 million for the biweekly drawings, Mr. Long does not think the domain name is worth anywhere near that much. However, he does have the name up for auction at and says that he “would like to see it sell for well into five figures.”


Dot–us is America’s newest internet address. It is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States within the global domain name system (DNS). According to a 4/24/02 Harris Poll, more Americans prefer .us to .com for e-mail and websites. See for details.


Mr. Long claims that he never buys lottery tickets and is not likely to start now. He says that his jackpot will be the money generated from the sale of the domain name.


When asked who might be interested in bidding on the name, he suggests that there are a wide range of people and organizations that are interested for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the state lottery commissions might be interested. They already own the name The nine states participating in Mega Millions are Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia and Georgia. Starting in September 2002, the game will also be sold in the State of Washington.


If you would like to find out how well the bidding is going, go to Mr. Long also has a variety of other domain names available on his website,





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