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What is playable ads and what are the Playable Mobile AdsRules?


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If you sign up for, or several of our services recognize you, the following RULES are obligatory:


1.Conditions of participation




5.Clicking rate

6.Categories & remuneration


8.General rules


10.Data protection regulation


12.Salvatori clause


1.Conditions of participation

Per site, a maximum of two advertising banners may be inserted.

Every user must be over 14 years old. In accordance with the protection of children and young people regulations, persons under age 18 may not register in the category “Erotic “. If you register, commit yourself to indicate your personal data correctly.

A membership cannot be forced legally.

Everyone Account found to be irregular will be removed manually.

The registration and the membership are perfectly free.

Each participant can remove his membership at any time.

If you should announce your assets in advertisement exchanges, or as a sponsor, you must pay attention to the following:

The applied site may have a maximum of one PopUp, except if you choose the advertisement form popup, then your site is not allowed to open any other windows.

No sites may try to automatically install a Dialer.

There are no Framebreakers allowed.



Disbursement will be monthly. Assets not disbursed in the subsequent month will be disbursed without interest. The disbursement takes place exclusively over PayPal.



The Playable Mobile Ads participant commits itself to submit only sites which are active. Sites without visitors or without contents will be closed. We reserve the right to close sites with unsatisfactory contents or Design. Which sites are classified “unsatisfactorily “, we decide.



Calculations are due, without exception, 7 days after calculation receipt. Calculations usually come from us by E – mail, and have absolute validity.


5.Clicking rate

With unrealistic clicking rates, We reserve the right to block any Account. In this case, all assets are lost.


6.Categories & remuneration

It is urgently necessary that you register yourself only into the categories which fit your site content-wise and thematically.

Special cases. Banner rotators, Surfbars etc.. You must, during registration, select the special cases  category, and write us a separate E – mail explanation.

The disbursement of the assets effected begin from an amount of 25 dollars.




Manipulation in any kind is strictly forbidden.

An Offence against this rule leads to the immediate deletion of the Account. We regard this not as harmless crime and reserve ourselves a requirement for payment of damages.


8.General Rules

The participant must ensure that his Password remains secret. It may never be given to a third party.

If you wish to participate in our Popup network, guarantee, with the membership, that there is no other popup on your site.

It is absolutely forbidden to recruit.

The bonus remuneration for new recruited users comes only after active participation of the new recruited recompenses.

You may not insert our codes on German-language sites that offend against valid rights, or that have illegal contents.



We are not responsible for sites, to which we link on our homepage or for member sites.

Hereby we dissociate, expressly, from all contents of the web pages linked through our system, and do not claim to own them.

With offence against our RULES, we reserve the right to an immediate and durable blockage of the concerned Account, and all the assets purged.

With particularly serious cases, we charge in addition.

The present Treaty can be quit by both parties without indication of reasons, and without notice.

We ensure neither the effective and normal operation of the service, or the continuous use – and availability of this service.

The use takes place on the users own responsibility and risk. For unexpected incidents, we do not take over responsibility.


10.Data protection regulation

We store your data, for the purpose of identification and the business relationship. We will neither sell your data nor make it third party accessible.



We reserve the right to change all attitudes, like disbursement rates, RULES, etc.. at any time. The participants are then sent written notice. If no contradiction takes place against the new changes, the changes are considered as accepted. If the participant does not accept the new rules , he is excluded from our service.


12.Salvatori Clause

If a determination of these ru;es to be ineffective or impracticable, then the validity of the rules remaining are not impaired. The parties are obligated to cooperate in order to replace the ineffective or impracticable clause by an effective or feasible clause, which results in the ineffective or impracticable clause being closed.






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